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Anatha Announces Its Accessible, Equitable Public Token Sale Accepting Fiat and Crypto – PRNewswire

The ANATHA public token sale is among the first to accept debit/credit cards for as little as $50 to start. Through its partner, Simplex, people can use their credit/debit cards to buy up to $25,000 of ANATHA, the highest limit ever. Buyers can of course use either ethereum (ETH) or bitcoin (BTC), as well.

Anatha is dedicated to helping eliminate global poverty by creating an ecosystem and economic model that returns the value generated on the network directly back to participants. Rather than the company extracting the value that people create using the application, that value automatically flows directly to the very people who created it through its hard-coded mechanism, the Anatha Torus. This includes 25% of the inflation model as newly minted tokens are continuously distributed directly to end users. The goal is to create a regenerative, bottom-up universal basic income (UBI) that can elevate all participants above the global poverty line.

“Cryptocurrency is not just an asset; it is a radical technology that can and will fundamentally change the world—and, in fact, already is,” Edward DeLeon, founder and CEO of Anatha. “After all, money and economic systems are the protocol layer of any society allowing for the distribution and expression of value, division and diversification of labor, as well as the management of wealth. We are aiming high, leveraging these technologies to eliminate global poverty.”

This Anatha ecosystem features a new approach to sending and receiving tokens meant to make crypto more accessible—a human readable address system (aka an HRA). While many in the industry are offering name registries to make unwieldy crypto addresses easy to remember, Anatha has created a simple, accessible, and interoperable protocol. People can register their HRA which looks like a handle on any social media — @name, with no extensions. A one year HRA subscription costs one ANATHA which, at the time of launch, will be approximately $.35 (the price shifts as it is pegged to the price of the Euro).

By registering an HRA, people automatically participate in the Anatha Torus, earning more ANATHA tokens daily. As of today—the mainnet went live on October 1, 2020 with the most successful ILO in decentralized exchange history—everyone in the Anatha Torus earns around $6.10 a day. That means, right now, everyone in the Anatha Network is living above the poverty line.

Going forward, Anatha will add new modules and features—including a decentralized exchange (DEX) and social features—that will generate more value on the network as well as greater everyday utility.

The Anatha public token sale is different from others in many ways. There is no limited window for crypto “insiders.” Instead, the the sale is ongoing, designed to reach everyone, everywhere—which is why the initial total supply is over 7.8B: one ANATHA for everyone on the planet. And unlike the majority of sales, Anatha is selling 98% of the total token supply, keeping only 2% for bonuses, bounties, and future partners. This reinforces the company’s belief in the power of decentralization and its dedication to creating a true Crypto for the 100%.

For more information about Anatha, please visit For an in-depth look at DeLeon’s philosophy behind Anatha, please check out for a master class.

About Anatha
Anatha is an ethos-driven technology company founded by former Apple, Adobe, Visa, and JP Morgan talent and dedicated to building ‘Crypto for the 100%’. Anatha builds decentralized economic systems and tools that put human needs first by helping people and organizations deploy their own decentralized economies to meet the needs of their communities. Value generated on the Anatha network, including 50% of the inflation model, is returned regularly to the community through a hard-coded global rewards program, thereby creating a regenerative, bottom-up universal basic income (UBI) for all participants.

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