Blow to TRS, mass resignations in support of Etala – Deccan Chronicle

KARIMNAGAR: Several leaders are openly extending their support to former health minister Etala Rajendar and submitting mass resignations from the ruling TRS party in Huzurabad constituency in this district.

Rajendar’s decision to conduct a tour of various mandals in the constituency that he currently represents, to garner support from various sections of the people, is gaining good response.

After returning from the Delhi, Rajendar first went to his native Kamalapur and sought the blessings of the people. He sharply criticised chief minister  Chandrasekhar Rao and said, “It is going to be a Kurukshetra war in Huzurabad and the fight will be between justice and injustice.”

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi Vidyarthi (TRSV) leaders of five mandals in the constituency sent their resignation letters to the TRS and announced their support to Etala Rajendar.

The police intervened as the TRSV leaders tried to reach Gandhi Chowk of Jammikunta town to announce their resignation and tried to stop them. However, they forcefully proceeded to the Jammikunta square and announced their mass resignations from the TRS party.

They alleged that the police acted in a rough manner with them even as they followed the Covid guidelines and marched in a peaceful manner to the Gandhi Chowk. “This is nothing but a suppressing of the voice of democracy in the state,” they alleged.

TRSV leaders said they were unable to digest the humiliation meted out to the former health minister by the TRS leadership. “He worked hard for the Separate Telangana cause and sacrificed everything. When such a leader is removed from the ministry by insulting him, what would be the situation of others who participated in the Telangana movement,” they asked.

In Veenavanka mandal, along with the TRS party mandal president and Vice-MPP, the sarpanches of seven villages as also the presidents of MPTC forum and of eight village bodies submitted their resignations to the TRS party and took out a massive rally in support of Etala.

They alleged that only some of the leaders who came into the TRS party for earning money are happy now and they are getting attracted to the sops that are offered by party leadership. The real leaders who served the people are with the Etala Rajendar, they claimed.

“If the TRS tries to create problems to Rajendar, then the people will give it a fitting reply and defeat the party in the upcoming by-election in Huzurabad,” they warned.

The TRS party leadership along with ministers and MLAs had a sigh of relief in recent weeks that Etala Rajendar was lying low and not on the offensive. However, the mass resignations on Thursday have come as shock to them.

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