Delhi is ready for the worst-case situation, including an emergency lockdown if the optimism rate falls below 5% again: Jain

In preparation for the pandemic’s third wave, Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain announced today that the AAP administration is planning to build 37,000 beds for Covid-19 sufferers. Jain further stated that if the city’s optimism rating falls below 5%, lockdown will be implemented immediately.

“Currently, over 37,000 specialized Covid-19 beds are being built, and the Delhi government is prepared for the worst-case situation in order to preserve precious lives,” Jain added.

At a virtual event organized by Assocham India, the Delhi Health Minister said the government was prepared to battle the pandemic’s next wave, expecting a “worst-case scenario.”

The Delhi government has learned from the second wave’s experiences and is taking all necessary measures to combat any potential wave, including installing PSA oxygen plants and setting up more oxygen, ventilator, and ICU beds, Jain was quoted as saying in a statement released by the city health department.

Jain emphasized the need of remaining attentive and acting in a Covid-appropriate manner in order to prevent the spread of the fatal infection.

“Our reaction has already been made public. If the positive rate rises to 5%, we will immediately implement a lockdown “Jain explained.

According to data provided by the Health Department here on Thursday, the national capital had 61 new COVID-19 cases and two deaths from the disease, with the positive rate dropping to 0.08 percent.

To deal with a probable third wave of the pandemic, the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) recently issued a color-coded reaction action plan, under which limits will be enforced based on the severity of the Covid situation here.

“We were taken off guard because of oxygen shortages and logistical problems in acquiring it,” Jain stated in response to concerns about the second wave. “But now over 50 oxygen plants have already been completed, and more are in the pipeline so that such a problem does not emerge again.”

During the ‘Delhi Healthcare System: Preparedness to Combat the Third Wave of COVID-19’ discussion, a few prominent physicians and industry executives also gave their perspectives on the likelihood of the next wave.

During the second wave, Jain also discussed his expertise with building up field hospitals or improvised facilities.

“Delhi has the potential to provide three to four lakh doses every day provided we obtain the supplies necessary,” the minister said in response to a question on the vaccine push. “One crore doses have already been administered throughout the state.”

“Cases are on the rise again in the United Kingdom and the United States, so we must be vigilant at this time. Every effort is being taken to prevent a third wave from occurring, and if it does, we must be prepared for the worst “he stated

“I held a virtual meeting with @ASSOCHAM4India to discuss the Delhi government’s preparations for the third wave of #COVID19. We’ll take a proactive approach to our reaction. We’re planning for the worst-case scenario and have 37k beds set aside for Covid “Jain had previously tweeted.

In preparation for the third wave, which experts warn would be more harmful to children, the Delhi government has been expanding facilities in pediatric departments and child hospitals.

“75,000 tests are still being carried out every day,” he added, adding that the Delhi administration is not leaving any stone unturned in its efforts to save valuable lives.

He further stated that the Delhi government has announced several subsidy programs to help in the construction of PSA oxygen plants and LMO (liquid medical oxygen) facilities.

Despite a recent drop in daily cases, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal recently warned that the possibility of a third wave of the epidemic was quite possible and that his administration was prepared on a “war-footing” to battle it.

Delhi has been hit by a vicious second wave of the epidemic that is sweeping the country, taking a large number of deaths every day, with a recent oxygen supply shortfall at several hospitals compounding the problems.

However, the number of cases has been decreasing, and the positive rate has also been decreasing in recent days. In the previous few days, the number of deaths each day has also decreased.

Kejriwal had stated on May 15 that “The virus is slowly but gradually fading in Delhi, and I am hopeful that it will fade entirely and not resurface. We will not, however, become irresponsible in any manner “, but with a forewarning tone.

According to the most recent health bulletin, the city’s coronavirus death toll has increased to 25,060.

On Wednesday, no COVID-19-related deaths were reported in Delhi, but 67 new cases were reported with a positive rate of 0.09 percent.

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