Dhanush wants his imported automobile to be excused from paying entrance taxes.


The Madras High Court recently slammed actor Vijay for filing a writ petition in 2012 seeking an exemption from paying entrance tax on his Rolls Royce Ghost.

A fortnight after the Madras High Court slammed actor C. Joseph Vijay for filing a writ petition in 2012 seeking entry tax exemption for his imported Rolls Royce Ghost, actor Dhanush filed a similar writ petition in 2015 seeking entry tax exemption for his imported car, which was listed before the court on Tuesday.

Mr. Dhanush’s case, along with another writ petition filed by Billroth Hospitals seeking entry tax exemption, would be listed for passing decisions on Thursday, according to Justice S.M. Subramaniam. Although the name of lawyer S. Govindaraman had been given as the counsel on record, no one defended the actor when the matter was called.

The judge, on the other hand, looked over the case files and told the Court Officer to put both cases under the heading “For Orders” on Thursday. Mr. Dhanush went to court when a Regional Transport Officer insisted on a no-objection certificate from the Commercial Tax Department before registering the automobile he had brought into the country.

The commercial tax department, on the other hand, insisted on payment of $60.66 lakh in entrance tax before providing the NOC. On October 26, 2015, Justice N. Kirubakaran issued interim instructions on the actor’s writ case, instructing the RTO to register the actor’s automobile on the condition that he pay half of the tax amount within two weeks.

The time restriction was again extended, and on November 18, 2015, he paid a total of 30.33 lakh. On April 27, 2016, when this was brought to the attention of Justice M. Duraiswamy, the judge took note of it and ordered the RTO to register the car in line with the law and the customary terms and circumstances.


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