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Google Assistant is giving you more control on smartphone notifications

Google Assistant’s new notifications section can now be found inside the Assistant settings. This replaces the earlier toggle for email notifications settings.

Google is trying to make some major changes in how you get notification alerts on your Android smartphone by tweaking its ‘Assistant’. If you have been using the digital assistant, you would be aware that it delivers you notifications regarding upcoming flights, hotel bookings, transport updates, upcoming events and more. And to personalise it, one has to navigate through Google app’s App info > Notifications section. However, this is changing with the latest Google Assistant update as it makes notification controls more granular and easy to access.

As reported by Android Police, the new notifications section can now be found inside the Assistant settings. This replaces the earlier toggle for email notifications settings. Rest of the options stay the same. Inside the notifications section you can tweak email notifications along with some phone-centric settings. Under the ‘Extended Responses’ tab you can now enable or disable the notifications individually for Maps & directions, Movie showtimes, Sports updates, Songs & artists, Translations, Answer to questions and Direct link to settings.

Google Assistant app will get a new notifications section.

In case you are following any specific topic on Google, which can be done by tapping the plus + icon in the search results inside the Google app, it is now also possible to move to the topic’s section to manage them.

The Google Assistant is also spotted testing a detailed news section that is now denser and shows more sources at a glance. There’s a new grid interface as well, making it easier to browse different news sections. As for selecting the source of news, you can finally search for them instead of endlessly scrolling through the list to search for a particular news source.

These changes are being said to arrive as a server side update so all the Android handset users won’t be getting it at the same time.


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