Government sets focus on streamlining administration

IAS reshuffle has a KTR touch, say senior officials

The massive transfer of bureaucrats effected by the State government has reflected its focus on streamlining the administration, especially focal departments like Finance and Education.

Coming soon after the completion of municipal elections, the transfer of over 50 IAS officers at one go is seen in official circles as an indication that the impetus will now be given to effective governance and delivery of services to the last mile.

In addition to reshuffling senior IAS officers who were holding charge of their respective portfolios for a few years now, the government had appointed new Collectors to 20 of the 31 districts

According to senior officials, the transfers definitely show a “KTR mark” as several IAS officers of 2014, 2016 batches were posted as municipal commissioners and additional commissioners in the GHMC.

And, this is in line with Mr. Rama Rao’s recent assertion on infusion of young blood for streamlining the municipal administration.

The transfers by and large reflected an equal mix of seniors and younger bureaucrats with proven track record getting important portfolios.

“More importantly, the postings show how the Chief Minister preferred to ensure a healthy mix of seniors and juniors so that the governance goes uninterrupted for the next four years,” a senior official said.

The Chief Minister is learnt to have spent over four hours last week for fine tuning the transfers list so that people with sufficient experience and service are accommodated in key posts so that delivery of services will continue uninterrupted. The transfer of Education Department Secretary B. Janardhan Reddy as Agriculture secretary for instance is being seen as the priority that has been accorded to the sector.

Mr. Janardhan Reddy had been with the department in the past when he was instrumental in putting in place several reforms for strengthening agriculture markets and introducing several farmer welfare measures.

Chief Electoral Officer Rajat Kumar, who proved his capability of planning and execution through incident-free elections for Assembly and Lok Sabha, has been posted as Irrigation Secretary, another important area of focus of Mr. Chandrsekhar Rao government since the past more than five years.

“The effort appears to ensure a proper wavelength among the officers in key departments right from the Chief Secretary level,” a senior official said.

The transfer of Mahbubnagar district Collector Ronald Ross as Secretary in Finance Department, Hyderabad Collector Manicka Raj as Industries Commissioner and Bhadradri Collector Rajat Kumar Saini as director in the Office of Chief Commissioner of Land Administration are seen as the recognition of their efforts when they held similar posts in the past.

The surprise element was, however, the posting of Special Chief Secretary and GAD Secretary Adhar Sinha as Secretary of Animal Husbandry Department.

Mr. Sinha, senior to Chief Secretary, was tipped to get a post with independent charge, but was posted to a non-focal position


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