In the teaser for ‘Bell Bottom,’ Lara Dutta as Indira Gandhi astounds viewers.

Lara Dutta

The spy thriller set in the 1980s, starring Akshay Kumar, is due to hit theatres on August 19th.

The reporters who were invited to cover the trailer presentation of “Bell Bottom” on Tuesday were stumped trying to figure out the character played by Lara Dutta in the 1980s spy thriller starring Akshay Kumar.

In 1984, an Indian plane is hijacked with all of its passengers taken hostage, according to the film’s trailer, which begins with a disclaimer.

Then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is shown conferring with her advisers about a possible solution to the situation in the next scene.

Kumar’s character, a RAW operator code-named “Bell Bottom,” is then introduced to her. The rest of the trailer focuses on his character’s undercover operation.

Initially, the actor asked members of the press to guess the persona.

“If anyone can guess, I’ll take all of their family members to the movies for free,” she assured.

“So you did see me in the trailer,” Dutta responded after much pushing, even from Kumar. Mrs. Indira Gandhi is the character I’m portraying. “It’s me.” The former Miss Universe claimed that she received a call from the film’s producers asking her to play the previous Prime Minister in the film.

“All it took was a phone call from them to say, Lara, this film is being made, and we’re casting Indira Gandhi. I wasn’t aware of the script until…”

“But, of course, when you’re representing someone who is such an iconic figure as her, there is a great deal of responsibility,” she remarked.

It was difficult to get the character’s body language just correct, according to Dutta.

“As you are all aware, the film is about a hijacking that occurred during her term. She was someone who was very centered and not prone to dramatics, which was appropriate given the dramatic events that were happening. As a result, it was crucial to portray her in that light.”

“I had a wonderful time. It was the result of a lot of homework and research. But it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for which she is grateful,” she continued.

In addition to Vaani Kapoor and Huma Qureshi, Vaani Kapoor and Huma Qureshi have pivotal parts in “Bell Bottom.”

Kapoor, who plays Kumar’s character’s wife, expressed her delight at the opportunity to film a film amid the pandemic.

“My heart is overflowing with thankfulness. I was fortunate to be able to work during the pandemic, when so many people, including ourselves, we’re unable to leave our homes. She expressed her gratitude by saying, “I’m grateful that he worked with me.”

Kumar asked fans to take the best care to protect themselves at the trailer launch, which followed appropriate social distancing behavior.

The actor stated that it is now time for people to visit the theatres.

On August 19, the film will be released in theatres.

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