‘Journey of survival’: CSK’s Balaji says ‘recovering from Covid-19 is like experiencing episode of Man vs Wild’ – Hindustan Times

Chennai Super Kings bowling coach L Balaji recalled his battle with the Covid-19 virus and described it as a “journey of survival”. Balaji was among the members at CSK camp who had tested positive for the virus before the 14th edition of the Indian Premier League was suspended by the BCCI and IPL Governing Council.

Balaji, in a recent interview, recalled his battle with Covid and admitted that he was anxious as he was isolating. The former India fast bowler also admitted that his family was worried about him as well.

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“As I was isolating on my own, having tested positive for Covid-19, a thought crossed my mind: recovering from Covid-19, both physically and mentally, is like experiencing an episode of Man vs Wild. On May 2, I was feeling a bit of uneasiness. I had a body ache and a mild nose block. I was tested the same day around mid-afternoon. By May 3 morning, I had tested positive. I was shocked. I had done nothing to breach the norms to endanger my and the rest of the bubble’s safety,” Balaji told ESPNCricinfo.

“We had reached Delhi around April 26 from Mumbai. We were tested the next day followed by a match on April 28. The next day we had another test. On May 1, we played another match against Mumbai Indians. So I was confident that my immune system was strong enough and resistant to the coronavirus. Along with me, after the May 2 testing, two others including Kasi Viswanathan (Super Kings’ CEO) and a helping staff member had also tested positive. To ensure it was a false positive, we were tested again the same day. I tested positive for the second time. Promptly, I was moved to another floor at the team hotel, separate from the rest of the Super Kings squad,” he added.

“Was I scared? Initially, I could not express my feelings. I knew people were dying outside. It took me another 24 hours to sink into the seriousness of the issue once family and friends started to message. I started to get worried. From the second day in isolation, I realised I had to monitor myself, recording all the health data. I was obviously anxious,” Balaji further said.

Talking about his battle with the virus, Balaji said: “It is a journey of survival is how I look at it. Lakhs of people have been affected, and most of them recovered, but many were not lucky to survive due to different reasons. It has been an intense situation. In my career, I have encountered several challenges, but it is the different battle we are going through dealing with the pandemic,” he signed off.

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