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Kansee brings the unique way for color hairs By Shampoo


In India, FY 2020 had business 3600 crore rupees in the hair color industry. And day by day it increases still yet no one brought up the modern method for consumer.

New Delhi, 23.July.2021: Nowadays people deal with a lot of stress, pollution, and other abrupt climate-related issues, that damage the hair to the maximum. Not only loosening the follicles for a particular period but leading to permanent hair loss. For situations like these, proper shampoo or suitable hair care is very much required in our day-to-day life. In these tough times where managing and caring for your hair is so hectic and stressful (BMW SKBS) PVT LTD had successfully launched a product in a market that would provide stunning results to your hair. It has not only been able to launch the most successful toxicity tested and dermatologically tested hair color shampoo but also beard shampoo which is very useful for men.

Although when new products are launched in the market it takes time for the product to captivate the market and get liked by people. But this range was liked by all the consumers increasing the demand to a great level. The planning is to launch this product pan-India in the month of August. People are now using hair color as a fashion statement. Different colors of hair match different moods of people. It enhances expressions and it has become a part of life now. Mr. Praveen thought in India the Hair color market will increase to 30% by the end of the financial year 2026. The approximate range is, $ 624 Million in Rupees approx. 4655,90,00,000 crore rupees. This unique brand has however crossed 200 crores in the same financial cross.

As every company has its targets this company is heading for the target of 500 crore business turnover in the next financial year at the end of 2022. The fondness of hair color is seen by people of all ages. However, everything comes with a price. We need to decide whether the price is hefty to pay or not. The company understands the concerns of the consumers like dependency for which they have to use a pot or manage stain, the color not being bright enough, itchy skin, swelling, and some cases major problems like cancer and skin allergy.

All these kinds of problems were scrutinized and analyzed to make a product that would be suited to all. But as we know “All great things take time” this research took more than three years and more than 15 expert scientists were devoting their time to that. After around 7029 unsuccessful trials in different hair strands, we continued our trials with more persistent and continuous efforts and finally could bring out a product that can suit all. A unique Kansee Beard Color shampoo was made which is infused with Methanol leaves extract and Coffee Bean Extract. Another ingredient that makes hair shiny and takes care of it is the pearl extract which is also added to it.

Every product has its unique selling point so let us talk about why Beard Shampoo is unique or why should we buy it?

The tradition of bearding has rooted back from ancient times. From the time of Rishi-Muni, Sadhu -Sant, and Maharajas and the custom of taking care of the beard is carrying on still today. Although the proverb “ Mard ko Dard Nahi Hota “ loosely translated as a man never feels pain is used in generic terms in normal day-to-day life, But several beard shampoos and beard colors do cause serious skin illness and infection. Face swelling and incurable patches are also seen for which the men have to Suffer in Silence. But maintain a beard is so much important for a man -as it not only makes them look manly but also attractive from societal standards.

When all the problems were kept in mind and the scientists continued their tiring research to find ingredients that would be useful and have soothing properties that would be healthy for the skin they found out few substances that can be used. One of them was “methanol leaves “which could be used to prevent irritation. Problems like skin allergy and swelling commonly occur while shampooing your beard or coloring it so methanol extract keeps the place cool and subtle. Odor and nourishment are few taboo topics when it comes to beard. A lot of men stop keeping beards because of these problems. Thus Coffee bean extract can be used for nourishing hair roots and it can not only make hair strong and also prevent hair odor.

The surprise element which is the pearl extract helps to keep the beard clean and shiny and also makes it sift so that it does not prick on skin. We often tend to see beards getting brittle and rough the solution for this is none other than Kansee beard shampoo. It also contains more than ten biodegradable substances that moisturize beard skin. When it comes to the other two products the Kansee Men Hair Colour shampoo and the Kansee women hair color shampoo, these two products are also formulated with the best ingredients after a lot of research. Thus these dermatologically tested products can be and a good option for you. To search about the products or place an order you simply have to visit

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