On being mistaken for Raj Kundra, Karan Kundra said, “Some People Started Abusing Me.”

Karan Kundrra

In Raj Kundra’s arrest case for allegedly producing pornographic content, actor Karan Kundra claimed that his image and name were used in place of his.

A few days ago, Marathi actor Umesh Kamat expressed his displeasure on social media after being incorrectly identified in the case of Raj Kundra, who was jailed for allegedly creating pornographic content. Umesh Kamat, Kundra’s previous PA, has the same name. Now, television star Karan Kundra is in a similar predicament after seeing a story that said, “Karan Kundra arrested for creating adult videos.” In an interview with a news outlet, he stated that his name and pictures had been mistakenly substituted for those of the businessman.

He further stated that because of the misrepresentation, many assumed he was the one engaged in the case. “Not only did they take my photo, but they also used my name. When I awoke and accessed Twitter, I saw that many people had mistaken me for the person involved in the dispute and were tweeting about it while tagging me. It took me a long time to realize what had transpired and that it was Raj Kundra,” Karan told Hindustan Times.

People who mistaken him for the businessman, he said, went so far as to abuse him. They labeled him in many tweets, which were often rectified by his supporters and well-wishers.

He remarked, “This has happened before when someone named me Shilpa Shetty’s spouse, which was accepted in a lighthearted manner.”

“At first, it was funny, but later on, it irritated me greatly. That was amusing and annoying at the same time,” the actor continued.

Kundra, who claims to have seen posts like ‘yeh Roadies karne wala banda porn bana raha hai’ (the person who featured on Roadies is now creating porn), is worried that it would have an influence on his work now that so many people have seen it. “Now, if someone in a small town reads that and doesn’t read the updated news, they’re going to assume it’s me for the rest of their lives,” he stated.

He went on to say that if he was looking for a job on an international level and came across the news item that mistaken him for Raj, they would take it as the truth because there was no follow-up piece correcting the error. “It’ll be here for a long time,” says the narrator.

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