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Aakash Chopra believes the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) will not mind even if no player retentions are allowed ahead of the IPL 2022 auction.

The MS Dhoni-led outfit appeared to be in the doldrums after a rather unsuccessful IPL 2020. But they staged a dramatic comeback in this year’s edition of the league and were placed second on the points table before the tournament was suspended.

In a video shared on his YouTube channel about the possible retentions of each of the franchises, Aakash Chopra pointed out that the Chennai Super Kings will be happy even if they have to build the team afresh.

“If there is a new rule that there are no retentions, CSK will say they are absolutely fine, and that they will start from scratch because they don’t have players to block 15-17 crores,” said Chopra.

The cricketer-turned-commentator believes MS Dhoni will be the first player the Chennai Super Kings would want to retain even though the talismanic skipper might himself feel otherwise.

“Chennai Super Kings will have MS Dhoni at the first number of course and they will do that as well. But if you ask Dhoni, he might himself say why they are retaining him because he may not be there for three years and why they want to block so much money on him. But then, that’s how it is going to be. CSK and MS Dhoni are pretty much one and the same thing,” observed Chopra.

There is no clarity as of now if MS Dhoni will continue to play in the IPL from next year onwards. Even if the 39-year-old is available, the Chennai Super Kings might consider using the RTM card for him or buying him back at the auction.

Aakash Chopra on the Chennai Super Kings’ other two likely retentions

Ravindra Jadeja has stood out for the Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2021 [P/C:]Ravindra Jadeja as the other player the Chennai Super Kings might want to retain if the all-rounder is willing to stay back.

“The second will be Ravindra Jadeja if he wants to be retained. If he doesn’t want to be retained and wants to become Ahmedabad’s captain, then it’s a different thing. But if you ask CSK whom they want to retain or will retain, the second one can be Ravindra Jadeja,” said Chopra.

Assuming only two retentions will be allowed, the former KKR player wants the Chennai Super Kings to use the RTM card for Deepak Chahar.

“You will use the RTM card for Deepak Chahar, that’s what I feel. If Jaddu is not there, you might even think about Deepak Chahar as the second retention,” signed off Chopra.

Apart from the aforementioned three players, the Chennai Super Kings might also be keen to retain Sam Curran. The England all-rounder has been one of their standout players in the last two editions of the league and might be extremely expensive at the auction.

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