Today’s gold and silver prices: Precious metal rates rise on the MCX | Get the most up-to-date rates here.


On the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), gold and silver are both trading higher today. Here you can find the most up-to-date city-by-city prices.

Following a drop on Friday, gold and silver rates on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) rose marginally on Monday. Gold futures expiring on August 5 are now trading at Rs 47,647 per 10 grammes, up to Rs 96 or 0.20 percent.

Meanwhile, silver futures due on September 3 are trading at Rs 67,156 per kg, up to Rs 215 or 0.32 percent.

Both precious metals had a drop on Friday, July 23. On the MCX, gold was trading at Rs 47,575 per 10 grammes, while silver was trading at Rs 67,487 per kilogramme, following a minor drop of Rs 3.

Prices of gold and silver in the international market

Gold prices were marginally higher on Monday, according to Reuters, owing to lower US government yields and growing fears about Delta mutant infections.

Meanwhile, the dollar index remained close to a three-and-a-half-month high reached last week, impacting gold’s attractiveness. With a higher dollar, gold has become more costly for holders of other currencies.

Gold and silver prices in different cities:

City Gold (per 10 grams,22 carats) Silver (per kg)
New Delhi Rs 46,850 Rs 67,000
Kolkata Rs 47,250 Rs 67,000
Mumbai Rs 46,870 Rs 67,000
Chennai Rs 45,200 Rs 72,100

Gold and silver prices are highly influenced by worldwide prices and are determined in India using the latter as a benchmark. Other factors that influence gold and silver prices include the USD to INR conversion rate, as well as the supply and demand of gold and silver in MCX trading.


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