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VoIP Office won Nationwide Award from Business Mint

Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) providers have helped businesses achieve great heights and unleash their full potential with a robust system for business communication. Their effective cloud communication services have satisfied teams and work forces across the globe. Having successfully redefined the way businesses communicate; they have replaced traditional methods of communication with new variants.

VoIP providers have effectively transformed the entire communication network by providing robust solutions for the businesses to help their APIs communicate with Cloud Communication protocols. They use various platforms to strengthen the way the companies communicate with each other.

VoIP Office has been awarded with the Nationwide Awards 2020 presented by Business Mint in the category of Best VoIP Telecom Service Provider in India. The award was conferred to VoIP Office owing to its outstanding service over the years.

Sunny Reddy, CEO and President of the company is a pioneering leader in the cloud communications industry. He is a driving force behind the company’s success which has earned him many accolades as a visionary in the Telecom space.

VoIP Office is a HIPPA Compliant company and is registered as a service provider in the telecommunications industry. Being a NASSCOM Member, it ensures that all its operations are compliant with International Telecom rules and regulations. Through chat, video, message, and voice, Audio and Video Conference using WebRTC technology, VoIP providers have effectively strengthened the business communication module for companies across the world.

VoIP Office is a market leader in cloud-based communication solutions and helps companies increase productivity and collaboration. They have consistently delivered numerous Industry-specific solutions with a unique suite of features and also by integrating with various CRM and ATS solutions.

● Healthcare Industry – Healthcare organizations are transforming themselves by using various unique methods of communication. With the help of latest technology, they deliver scalable, unified and high-quality solutions for healthcare businesses. They are able to achieve successful results by empowering remote staff and lowering business overheads while maintaining a high quality of service for patients.

● Technical Industry – Tech Businesses are all migrating to the cloud and VoIP office offers business communication solutions that can be managed completely online. All customers need is an active internet connection. Their solution ensures that businesses have complete control of their services through a single web-interface.

● Educational Industry – ​Communication is vital for educational institutions as they need to constantly converse with their suppliers, faculty, students, agencies, etc. Legacy systems are clumsy, complicated to manage, and very cumbersome. VoIP Office ensures great ROI by increasing efficiency and productivity in business operations. The solutions provided by the company are modern, flexible, mobile- friendly and very convenient to use.

● Government Sector – VoIP Office has made cloud solutions​ possible for the government sector as well. We live in a modern era, with an​ upgraded workforce that provides top-notch solutions that are secured and reliable as well. Efficient
communication ensures that it operates at a large scale, even in times of disasters. The company offers scalable and secured solutions that help businesses to enhance their performance and productivity while delivering flawless service.

● Financial Services – Financial Institutions want speed, accuracy, and an easy way to resolve problems, which is why it is even more important today for banks to have the best unified communications services and VoIP Office does just that. By providing services that help build valuable customer relationships, they ensure bank employees are able to provide the best possible services to customers.

VoIP Office has been providing best in-class communication systems to industries of all sectors and sizes. They are undoubtedly the best across the globe in providing scalable and efficient services. And this is why they have been presented with the award for Best VoIP Telecom provider. Owing to the top-notch services provided to companies of different industries, VoIP has bagged the award with its extraordinary innovations and quality of service.

Their communication solution accelerates and simplifies daily tasks. The communicator application is designed specifically to take business communication to the next level. The features of the advanced unified communication application include:

● Real Presence
● Audio and Video Conferencing
● Productivity Tools for Remote working
● Other enhanced services such as self-care portals, user dashboards, advanced call analytics, etc.

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