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With the accessibility of online rummy games, E-Rummy unlocks the opportunities to make money online anytime, anywhere


E-Rummy, founded by Harish Sharma in 2021, is one of the pioneers of real money gaming in India. This company has grown 600 percent in a year.


New Delhi, 13. July 2021; Rummy is in the blood of Indians and, somewhere, around an individual in each Indian family knows how to play or plays rummy. It is the most loved game for most Indians. Any friendly event — be it a birthday celebration, a little social affair, or a celebration festivity — feels incomplete without playing a series of rummy. From our ancestors to our parents to the current age, Indian Rummy is a piece of our custom and culture.

Coronavirus has carried all activities to a stop, simultaneously giving motivating forces to internet gaming. Getting a handle on this chance, VKJJ Games brings to you an engaging, exciting game of E-Rummy, which can help you to make real cash online!

India’s data unrest and the ensuing tailwinds in gaming were still a couple of years away. Yet, Harish’s conviction about poker and its ability to draw players made E-Rummy a pioneer in India’s real cash gaming (RMG) industry.

Online rummy may have been somewhat revolutionary, and teaching early clients was a test. Yet, Indians have consistently been acceptable with games, so we had the right product, which can be easily fit in the market. We assembled our gaming innovations and had the principal mover advantage as well, say, Harish Sharma, Founder, and director of E – Rummy.

Trend-setting innovation has made the internet much more available to individuals from varying backgrounds. Every one of the traditional games has gone online today. With the E-Rummy application, individuals can get to play rummy whenever from any place and play the game on their smartphones. Inexpensive internet and quick availability, and smartphones in the market have acquired more players to online rummy in general and E-Rummy specifically. One can play rummy games 24X7 on E-Rummy. An extraordinary variety of competitions and worthwhile offers, just as the chance of turning into a definitive rummy hotshot on the E-Rummy leader board, have settled the number one choice of rummy players.

Rummy is such an old game. It has been gone on through ages. Presently, without any difficulty, while playing online; more individuals are seeing it as a wellspring of recreation and social connection while remaining inside. E-Rummy has endless advantages to expand their gaming experiences. Above all, in addition to the fact that they have games and competitions which are being conducted 24×7, yet additionally every unique end-of-the-week competition where players can play free of charge, however, win genuine money, and get a chance to win intriguing gifts and vouchers with no speculation. It is similar to their slogan says: ‘Jeeto Khel Khel Mein’. These online competitions are a space for individuals to try out their abilities in a larger field.

On these active occasions, online rummy has nearly replaced offline rummy as one can play online rummy whenever anyplace — and E-Rummy is driving the way. In online rummy, there’s no compelling reason to stress over your game accomplice, as there will consistently be somebody accessible on the opposite side to play with you. E-Rummy offers to wallop large monetary rewards, a wide variety of games, energizing competitions, and worthwhile offers, which keep players coming in.

Through E-RUMMY, one can play a traditional Rummy game against any genuine player who is online and can likewise play against their friend. One can likewise play against a computer to practice their moves. Players can also keep a mind their conduct and screen their gaming by setting daily and monthly limits.

It is a very straightforward game, ensuring the winner gets his prizes in a split second. We have planned the application remembering the player’s decision. We have additionally chosen private tables wherein loved ones living in various urban communities or countries can make their room and play together, says Harish Sharma, Founder, director of E – Rummy.

E-Rummy App has a user-friendly interface, and excellent designs improve the user experience, making individuals get back to the app again and again. The platform gives 100% amount security is as totally protected to utilize. E-Rummy had reached 10k downloads in 2 months of its launch and has a mission to cross 1 lac download by the end of the year.

With the inexpensive internet and quick availability, E-Rummy recognized the interest of rummy players to take their game any place they proceed to play from any corner of India. The point is to make a speedily available platform for online rummy where players can sign in a flash and play quickly on any device.

With the accessibility of online rummy games, players don’t need to stress over the rearranging, holding, arranging, and distribution of the cards. With a simple click, everything is accessible.

Online rummy has a distinctive gaming community, which is good to go to increment more than 300 million before the end of 2021. The best thing about the present-day rummy stages is that anybody can participate, utilize their abilities, and test their abilities if they play rummy. Are you missing the quality time you used to play with your companions? Simply invite them for E-Rummy and enjoy rummy like good old times.


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