Wooed by both TRS and BJP, Telangana TDP chief L Ramana finds himself in a quandary – The New Indian Express

By Express News Service

JAGTIYAL: Telangana Telugu Desam Party (TTDP) president L Ramana on Monday was ambivalent on his future course of action.

The BC leader, at a news conference here, could not unequivocally say he would not switch the parties but at the same time insisted that he was weighing his options carefully. He said he was seeking the opinion of his supporters and activists as to what he should do going forward in the wake of requests from both the BJP and the TRS to join them.

The TDP leader said that a political churn was taking place in Telangana and that he was carefully examining it. In the present-day dynamics, regional parties were trying to gain more strength while the national parties which are weak in the states are trying to fortify their units.

He said that in politics one should not be afraid of taking the risk, indicating that he may prefer changing the horses midstream but would not openly say that he was inclined to do it.  He said he would take the political developments in Telangana to the notice of his party leadership.

“In the present circumstances, there is no future unless (I) change the party,” Ramana pointed out. He, however, did not commit himself as to which party he was joining. He also made it clear that neither the BJP nor the TRS had offered him anything in return for joining their parties further reiterating that he was not a leader who hankered after power or government sinecures.

Ramana said he did not hold any talks with the TRS on switching the parties and that the campaign that was going on in the social media that he was all set to join the TRS was baseless. He said he would officially declare to the media if he takes any decision on the future course.

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