Yoga For Immunity: 5 Effective Yoga Asanas To Boost Immunity Amid COVID-19| Watch Video –

COVID-19 has affected tens of millions of individuals across the globe and upended the lives of countless others.
As the second wave turns out to be more alarming and devastating than the previous one, many are turning to strengthen their immune system using homegrown plants, ‘kadhas’, and a nutrient-rich and diverse diet. Yoga can play an extremely important role in the prevention and management of coronavirus. Different asanas not only help boost immunity but also helps build the body’s strength, elevate energy levels, reduce stress, and calm the mind. Helping you boost your immunity, here is Grand Master Akshar performing 5 yoga poses that you can easily do every day. Also Read – 5 Effective Ways to Manage Blood Pressure Levels Amid COVID-19

Watch the video here: 

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